Saturday, July 29, 2017

NOW You're Just Being Ridiculous

 I've been tough on Topps NOW - for the price, for the selections made, etc. But I still find cards within the set that I really like. Even though this is totally stupid, I still thought the funeral the Astros held for the glove of Carlos Beltran was hilarious.

I couldn't resist taking home a souvenir of this event. the little signs say things like 3 X Gold Glove, 9 time All Star, AL ROY and so on. Of course, Beltran ended needing to use the glove a few days later, but the team is obvously having a ton of fun. I honestly think this is a good use of Topps Now, especially if they don't reference this in flagship later on.

I really wanted a card to be made for Adrian Beltre's ejection the other night, but I guess Topps would have found it in poor taste? I also think the Rangers should have a "Beltre On Deck Circle" giveaway, and give coasters to the first 10,000 fans or something. My brother suggested it would make for an entertaining bobble head as well.

Keeping up with Twins Topps NOW as well, this one is from June 1st, hoping they can make a few more NOW moments before the year is up.

I added this one to the collection as well - something about father's day uni plus a very rare event (A Walk off hit that completes the cycle) just appealed to me.


  1. Was hoping that the title was a reference to this rather obscure but good song:

  2. i just can't get on the NOW wagon, the card designs don't excite me. i have picked up a couple off the Bay for half the original price with free shipping. NOW that's something I do like!

  3. If they make a Beltran batting circle bobble, I'll definitely be tracking one down for my collection.