Saturday, August 5, 2017

Midsummer COMC pickups

My summer organization project continues, I'm now up to sorting and cataloging my Kirby Puckett cards. All the time spent on this project is the same time I usually use for blogging, and I haven't been to any card shows for some time. I did add some new cards last week, ordering on COMC after trying to fill in some gaps.

After yet another great "Short Term Stops" post on Nick's Dime Boxes Blog, I picked up some cards of a few guys in less than familiar apparel.

Geez, Topps, that's cold. I'm sure Cespedes lives somewhere.

Keeping up as best I can with 2017 releases . . .

A New Kennys Vargas! And one "old" one with a buyback stamp on it! And the most overused design in Topps history gets even more love in 2017 . . . 

Last but not least, there was a very good deal on this Rosario autograph from Topps Finest. I think these look pretty good!

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