Sunday, June 7, 2015

Vintage Johnny

Well, wouldn't you know it, another great stack of cards from Johnny's Trading Spot

This time around, John took me on a flashback to the 60's:

Love that Battey card and Russ Nixon has a pretty cool signature.

I think Uhlaender is my favorite of this bunch.

LOOK, these are great.

Here are some more 60s -- but these are from the 70s... TCMA cards.

Cesar Tovar, Vic Power (Pellot), and Mudcat Grant on the bottom row, Camilo Pascual and Jerry (Gerry) Arrigo on the top.

There was also some "vintage Johnny" cards included - he always manages to find a nice stack of players wearing sunglasses:

 And I'm guessing John will be happy to not have to look at this card any more:

Here Gene Larkin is watching his bottom of the 10th inning single which scored Dan Gladden and secured a Game 7 victory of the World Series.

The Hall of Fame had the ball Larkin hit
Sorry John - it was an epic series any way you slice it.

Thanks again for the cards, there will be something heading back your way soon!

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