Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sportscards from Sportscards From the Dollar Store

Just a quick post here - Douglas from Sportscards From the Dollar Store sent me a little stack that packed a big punch:

Rickey's ready to go!
I like to imagine Rickey is the one reading this copy on the back of the Score card.

Finally showing a little something this year, Hicks has been great defensively since being called back up.

Gibson might be the Twins best pitcher this year - the fact that you can compare more than one Twins pitcher and debate which one is "best" is another big step forward for the team.

Joe has been having a down season - with the bases empty. With Runners on base, Mauer is hitting .392. With Runners in scoring position, he's hitting .420! He's second on the team with 30 runs batted in. The ugly side of the coin is that with no one on base, Mauer is hitting just .189 with 20 strikeouts. Yuck. Well, I'm hoping he figures it out soon!

Thanks, Douglas, for the cards!


  1. Great stuff from Doug!

    With the Twins playing well, do you see them making a big move. This was an interesting article.....

    1. I think Terry Ryan (Twins GM) is not a big move kind of guy - The Twins are adding Ervin Santana in July, that's kind of like a trade...
      Soon the Twins will have 6 MLB starters, so it's possible they could dangle Pelfrey, Nolasco, and/or Tommy Milone, who has been killing it in AAA. I don't they could get much value back for any of those guys.
      With Oswaldo Arcia injured and Vargas in AAA, the Twins lack a DH. Danny Santana has been terrible at the plate, his back up Eduardo Escobar has been forced to step in at DH and LF due to injuries and hasn't hit very well either.
      Most of the moves I see for the Twins are coming from within the Org - Jorge Polanco could step in at Short, Vargas and Arcia should return, and Buxton and Sano may be called up before September (big maybe).

    2. They will be fun to watch when the young guys come up. I'm looking forward to watching Buxton.

      I agree with you that all the moves will be internal. It just wouldn't make a lot of sense to trade minor leaguers for major leaguers right now.