Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sorting Out . . . The Tampa Bay Rays

Here's another completely Irregular Feature on the Old Arbitrary: I call it "Sorting Out ... "

I started a grand organization of my cards - the first attempt I've made to do so. I sorted everything by team (at least, I think it is everything - I bet I will find another box of cards somewhere any day now).

The smallest population of cards was, as you might imagine, the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays.

Let's begin sorting out ... Tampa Bay:

 The first Devil Ray to reach 3,000 hits and the first Hall of Famer -- Wade Boggs made a farewell tour in Tampa.
The Crime Dog appeared in Devil Rays garb as well.
Canseco made his way to Tampa as well. 

For awhile, the Rays had a formidable 1-2 punch in their rotation:

The great thing about sorting is that now I can find cards easily for trade... without further adieu, here are a few examples of Rays that are available for trade:

The Kazmir card is serial numbered to 100:

There's a lot more where these came from, and you can view all the Rays I'm trading (along with several other teams) by checking out my Zistle tradelist. You don't need to be a Zistle member to trade, either. See anything you like? You can just send me an e-mail.


  1. I need to do this. Also need to start a zistle account, maybe find some stuff you need and work out a trade soon

    1. Yeah! I am still holding onto that mini Teheran card for you...

  2. I did this when I got back into collecting last year. I put each team into its own individual 5000-count boxes. I could probably combine the Marlins, Rays, D-Backs, and Rockies into one box (and Nationals too, since I kept them separate from the Expos). The others, though, all had around 2500 to 3000 cards for each team.

    I need to start getting rid of those.

    1. A lot of my Rays actually came from that box you sent me - they didn't exist the first time I collected, and they tend to have fewer inserts than other teams... if it weren't for that stack from you, I'd probably have under 100 Rays.
      At the moment my collection is quite a bit smaller - I've got each team fitting easily into one section of a 5000 count box. The exception is Twins cards, of course, which thanks to all of the generous bloggers I have probably closer to 7 or 8,000...

    2. Yeah, my Brewers are similarly numerous -- PCs in about 15 different binders, original team collection in about 6, and then oddballs and dupes numbering around 8,000 or so, with probably another 2500 remaining to be cataloged, de-duplicated, etc.

      And're going to get a package from me again soon with Twins. Hope you don't mind some duplicates. LOL!

  3. I checked your list and I'd trade for any '56 Topps cards.

    1. As in you want 56 Topps cards or you have 56 Topps to trade?

      I have 1 double in 1956 cards, I am trying to build the set right now... So, if you want Carlos Paula of the Washington Nationals (Senators)... he's available. I'd say VG condition.