Wednesday, June 24, 2015

O what a surprise!

Dan from Daily Autograph and Keys to the Batters Box sent a bubble mailer my way with some great cards, and one big surprise!

 Scotty doesn't need a helmet, he moussed his own...
 Some prospects from my youth . . .
 And a trio of today's prospects.
 This is a pretty cool card from Topps Pro Debut
A couple new Pucketts for the PC.

And, the biggest (literally, a 5x7) and most exciting piece:
TONY O! Dan had the good fortune to meet Mr. Oliva at a signing  and was kind enough to have him sign this promo flyer for me. Mr. Oliva makes appearances often in the Twin Cities, I've seen him around at a few card shows, but never gotten his autograph.

This is awesome. Thanks very much, Dan!

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  1. Such a creative blog post title. Kudos to that. Glad you liked everything.