Friday, June 19, 2015

Just One Pack: 1995 Topps Stadium Club High Numbers

1995 Topps Stadium Club has Series 1, Series 2, and these... High Numbers.

Let's see what we get in a pack:

Base cards - look the same as Series 1 and 2... not much to say about these guys.

A lot to be said about this guy, punching his ticket to Cooperstown.

Inserts - TransAction (for traded players) and Extreme Corps ... for uh, Extreme Players? I guess?
Each pack is seeded with 4 inserts, the last one was my favorite...



  1. 1995 was a great year for Stadium Club, but, then again, you could say that for most years with the brand.

    1. I was opening some of the Series 1 and 2 from 1995 yesterday and thought of you because of all the great cards of guys signing autographs, or just general goofiness captured on camera.