Tuesday, May 5, 2020

baseball's back (on the other side of the world) - pack a lunch!

Baseball is back in South Korea, as the KBO is playing games in empty stadiums. I recently received an awesome mailer from Jim of cards as i see them and gcrl fame. It arrived right as I would have been going to a monthly card show, so it was a very welcome sight indeed. Park Byung-ho has been one of the biggest stars of the KBO, and he briefly played for the Twins, but adjusting MLB pitching combined with a nagging wrist issue resulted in a short tenure for the prodigious slugger.

Jim also tossed in a Tiny Joe Mauer!

This Upper Deck Flyball set was a new one to me, it combines some of the game elements of the sets like Victory on the back and a more traditional card design on the front.

A Rat!

It's a Smalley World after all.

I didn't have this Shane Rawley O-Pee-Chee, but do I call it a Twins card, or a Red Sox card?

Fan Favorite Mickey Hatcher was well represented as well.

As I continue to work on the Topps Heritage set, these two were needs - and these two bat rack (or bat rack adjacent) cards will find a nice home in my collection.

Vintage Harmon Killebrew is always a welcome addition!

In Rod We Trust - This 1978 Gino's Disc was a new one to me!

All of these cards came packaged in a unique way - this lunchbox is branded with Target's name, but it predates Target Field. The players are all Metrodome-Era Twins stars.

Thanks very much Jim, hopefully we'll get to run into each other at a card show again sometime soon. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. First time I've ever seen a blogger send a lunchbox to another blogger. Very cool!

    1. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
      I know you mentioned the Twins were still playing in the Metrodome at the time, but it's still kind of cool the Target logo is there considering where they play now.

  2. Cool lunchbox! The '72 Killer is great, and I've seen very few Flyball cards. I'd say the Rawley is a Twins card; most collectors (and websites) go by the team name on the card but I go by what uniform the player is wearing.

    1. I go by the photo too - Twins card to me

  3. A lot of those cards came from tribe cards, and Jon from penny sleeves provided the killer so I can't take all the credit. The lunch box was all me though!

  4. Never seen that 1978 Gino's Disc before. Is that Rod similar in size to the 1977 MSA discs?

    1. I will have to check to see if I have any 77 MSA discs to compare it to, It's a little bigger than some other discs I have and about the same size as some others.... uh, not very helpful of me!