Sunday, July 1, 2018

This Break Won't Break Your Budget

Middle Relievers, Rejoice! Colbey from Carboard Collections just ran an awesome Affordable Break which is exactly what it sounds like. For under $10, I was able to pick a team (The Twins!) and was randomly assigned a second team (The Diamondbacks!). In addition to 2003 UD Fortyman and 2002 UD Diamond Collection, Colbey pulled a random assortment of junk wax gems to add to the pile. 

Here's the back of the Fortyman - J.C. Romero was filthy - he was traded away from the Twins in 2005 to get Alexi Casilla from the Angels - I would have preferred to keep Romero, but those are the breaks!

The back of this card was really optimistic about Pridie's chances of making the Twins' rotation. He was 3rd on the AA team in Strikeouts, but didn't mention that he allowed more hits than innings pitched, with an ERA over 5... He didn't make it to the big leagues, but after a shoulder injury derailed his on field career he's now a scouting director for a baseball agency that represents pros like Jay Bruce, Eric Thames, and current MN Twin Max Kepler.


LaTroy was in his middle relief phase at this point as well - he was a year removed from his final season as the Twins' closer, but would have quite a lot of baseball left in him.

There are the three Diamond Collection base cards - these were my favorite Twins teams since the World Champs.

Speaking of, here was the haul from the extra packs!

Let's not forget about the Diamonbacks as the second team in the break!

Here's the backs for the Diamond Collection.

HEY, what do you know? A Hit!

Plot twist #1 - These are Pants!
Plot twist #2 - These are Phillies Pants!

Thanks for the break Colbey, these were a lot of fun to go through!


  1. Any Petricks in those D-Back cards? I can give them a good home.

    1. No, I don't think there were - but e-mail me your mailing address, just to be sure I have the right one. I'm making some progress on packing some cards up to send out.

  2. Gotta admire the detailed COA on the back of the Schilling card. These might be Phillies pants, but at least you know what this swatch is. Miss those days.