Friday, July 20, 2018

A Panini Press Triple Break!

The hype train is making stops at Arbitrary Nation thanks to another Triple Break, headed up this time by Kevin from The Card Papoy. Kevin shared 2018 Diamond Kings and also tossed in a box of 2016 Donruss Optic.

Diamond Kings has found a comfortable niche with their inserts-  each one exploring elements of different art movements - It would be cool to see them take that even further like some of the older 90s Topps Gallery sets, for instance. Now that Topps brought back Gallery, however, it might be a missed opportunity. The texture of Diamond Kings cards has a canvas-like feel. I think the Aurora insert is my favorite style.

The base cards again alternate between all-time greats and current players, including a handful of rookies. They seem to have a steady checklist from year to year now, Luke Appling fans rejoice! Jokes aside, it is refreshing to see some of the lesser known Hall of Famers in new sets.

Just one Twin in the bunch, but he's a good one!

On to Optic! Panini's answer to Chrome.

I do like the vibrant colors on these parallels. Fielder is numbered to /299 and Sale to just /99.

Beyond the base cards, Optic has the same inserts as the regular set. I was happy to get the Juan Gonzalez card, he was one of my favorite players of the 90s.

These were the most interesting base cards in the bunch - It's not just that the logos are gone, but it seems like Panini is reluctant to even show the player's faces on most cards! Escobar and Perez were the only position players that weren't shown in the batter's box.

Optic was much kinder on the Twins, however! There were 10 total, including a Purple Dozier parallel. Overall, Panini does a decent job of making the most of a difficult situation.

Thanks for the break, Kevin!

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  1. 2018 Diamond Kings is gorgeous. Just add logos and it'd be one of my favorite products of the year.