Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A Completely Arbitrary Shopping Spree

I was reading some trivia on pitchers and came across Rick Wise, who I didn't know about before, but now how can I forget? Without looking it up, who can tell me why Rick Wise (especially post 1971) was a total badass?

Shopping on COMC with a small balance can be a real blast - sort by lowest price first, then just play with the filters for a while. I was browsing 60s and 70s vintage after adding Rick Wise and eventually was looking at Curt Flood cards when I stumbled upon this Senior League Commissioner card, complete with bat rack mini collection awesomeness.

Of course baseball's more endearing (and enduring) senior was Minnie Minoso, and the Senior league made me want to check to see if there were any oddballs of Minoso on the site.

Of course there was! This True Value hardware issue was just what I wasn't looking for!

As long as I was on the site, why not look for some other mini collections? Any card that features Lord Stanley's Cup is all right with me! And hey, a Canadian Hockey Team winning it all just seems like a natural thing, yeah?

As much as I want to be Completely Arbitrary, I'm also Highly Subjective when it comes to the MN Twins. I didn't have Escobar's Topps Update Rookie card yet, so I had to fix that before he becomes a superstar.

If I'm going for a complete Escobar Experience, I also want to include his pre-rookie cards with his first team on the South Side. The bottom right hand signed card actually came from a trip to my LCS, rather than from COMC.

Last but not least, I had a little bit left in the tank, so I filtered by memorabilia and Hall of Famers and just checked for any bargains. I didn't want one of the multitude of plain white swatches, so I decided to look for a bat.

Well, Upper Deck says it's legit, please don't tell me that it turned out that all these relics were fake, the card was so cheap I wouldn't be surprised but I still don't want to know! Tony Gwynn was a big part of my childhood. Growing up in MN as a Kirby Puckett fan, I always thought of Gwynn as his National League counterpart, and I rooted for Tony whenever I had the chance.

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  1. I must confess that I passed up a Tony Gwynn relic, AND one of those "Piece of the Action" relics, at a card show today. (Those are two different cards, however.) I did pick up Jim Rice and Johnny Bench relics, though.

    I believe the Rick Wise fact you're referring to is that he threw a no-hitter and hit two home runs in the same game.

    1. Right you are! That's such an impressive feat to me. Don't know if it will ever be topped. Maybe a perfect game with 2 homers? A no-hitter with 3 homers? I don't think either of those is very likely.

  2. Lol. We think alike. As a huge Gwynn fan... I always felt Puckett was his AL counterpart.