Monday, July 2, 2018

NOW With An Unexpected Bonus

I picked up 4 Topps NOW cards in June. 2 were MN Twins. Eddie Rosario is definitely a Top 5 Twins Eddie, along with AL Doubles leader Eduardo Escobar and bullpen coach Eddie Guardado. Rosie is probably going to be the All-Star from the Twins' roster this year.

I put this right into a One Touch, so apologies for the blurry scan. This was a bonus card for ordering the Spring Training Twins team set- since Eddie had such an impressive game, Topps made a gold parallel (with a new photo) to commemorate his 3 HR outburst.

The other Twin was the team's best starter this year, Jose Berrios. He's been brilliant and, well, the opposite of brilliant so far this season, tossing a couple Complete Games, and having some big strikeout totals, and also having some real clunkers. His last good start was against Texas, a pitching duel against his old teammate, Bartolo Colon.

Colon had 3 cards this month (and a 4th if you count the Living Set), I opted to just get one- 2,500 Ks seemed more momentous than the other two which were about tying specific win totals of other pitchers. When he passes Dennis Martinez and becomes the winningest Latin American born pitcher, I'll probably pick that one up too. I'm hoping he gets at least 5 more victories this season to make an even 250 for his career.

Oh, yeah, and this overachiever. I liked the picture, I like milestones, I hadn't added any Trout NOW cards to date... so... there ya go.


  1. "His old teammate Bartolo Colon" I see what you did there! :)

  2. Wow, I haven't seen the gold parallels until just now... those are sharp!