Sunday, July 15, 2018

Set Building Sunday

Commishbob of 5 Tool Collector lists the 1959 Topps Set as his favorite. Over the years he's accumulated a stack of duplicates from the set, which I happen to be building right now. Generous Bob sent me 30 cards, all needs, to give my set build a little boost.

Billy Consolo's card mentions Ted Williams, who is omitted from the 1959 Set because of his exclusive contract with Fleer.

Some of the more notable position players in the stack include Rocky Colavito, veteran slugger Jungle Jim Rivera, sure handed fielder Chico Carrasquel, and Braves starting Shortstop Johnny Logan.

On the pitching side are Knuckleballer Fred Kipp, the 28 year old Rookie; Red Sox Ace Tom Brewer and the Phillies' innings eater Curt Simmons.

I call this group "The Stoplight Gang." Thanks so much for the set build assist, Bob! I hope to return the favor shortly.


  1. I'm always happy to spread a little '59 love. Such a wonderful set. I've always wondered about that Lenny Green card. For one thing it is one of very few that show a player in Memorial Stadium. Plus it has that sort of painted/airbrushed/muted look. I always saw that on cards that Topps made with photos of guys in minor league unis. But the same picture of Green in used on his '58 card. And it's sharp and clearly not re-done. I do obsess over odd stuff I suppose.

  2. Nice catch on the Consolo. I wonder how many times this happened in the 1959 set.