Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New York State of Mind

Bo from Baseball Cards Come To Life! had a biiiiiiig stack of Twins to send me, but I will start with one of the 1979 Topps needs he checked off for me, from his local New York Yankees.
I somehow managed to miss out on Denard's Rookie Card until now, happy to add it to my collection!
The Cards came from the 2000s, the 90s and even a few older 80s like this Fleer Star Sticker of John Castino.
One of the best sets of all-time right here. Jack Morris is pumped.
We could be here all night showing scans, but it's safe to say that Bo knocked this one out of park. Gardy tossing B.P. and the pre-rookie Torii Hunter were certainly highlights.

Thanks again for the trade, Bo!


  1. Nice Twins haul! Even got a nice Gardie!

  2. You might be happy about getting that Denard Span card, but he sure doesn't look happy about it.

  3. Who could be happy with a 'nard' in their name?? yikes!