Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Le Triple Break

Sorry for the lazy title, but the Transatlantic Triple Break speaks for itself at this point, does it not? Also, the presence of Biebs (who is somehow relevant again?) tells you this leg of the journey is coming direct from The Card Papoy.
Kevin busted open two different boxes to share- First we have 2005 Donruss Zenith

In addition to silver and gold versions, there were these crazy Starburst variations, and Ray Durham is an artist's proof.
Even more variations!  I bet this is more rare than silver or gold. No serial numbers, but it certainly stands out!
A hit! Mark Prior's bat is a fairly rare item.
The little tiles on this card shimmer like a mirror ball in the light, it is a very fancy insert.
Gotta share the Twins!

Next up is 2005 Donruss Playoff Absolute Memorabilia, whew!
Here there were gold foil and blue foil variations, the blue ones seem to be more rare.
Love those throwback unis!
As always, there were some extra Twins tossed in for good measure.
They made 25 of these, commemorating Johan Santana's 157th strikeout of 2006. He had 245 strikeouts..  so 25 times 245... ugh I didn't sign up for any math!

Thanks for the break Kevin! 2005 is still a very murky year in my collection, so all of these were new to me!


  1. Great looking cards! I don't recall seeing this particular Zenith release or the Playoff. I need more cards...

  2. I LOVED Absolute Memorabilia when it was originally released. It actually had Pirates in it which was incredibly rare during that time frame.

  3. Mark Prior being able to do anything physical without hurting himself is a rare thing.

  4. Those Leaf cards are actually parallels....soooo manyyyyy parallels in that package !