Monday, February 6, 2017

Lord Stanley's Cup

A "new" champion was crowned yesterday on the gridiron, but the trophy I want to focus on comes from North of the border. I don't actively collect hockey cards, but I have decided to start a mini collection of the best trophy in North America - Lord Stanley's Cup. A quick order on Comc and a glance through my old hockey cards from my youth gave me a start :
If you're hanging on to some hockey cards like these, I'd like to trade with you!

Don't worry, this is still a baseball first blog, we'll return to "normal" programming soon.


  1. I've somewhat collected Stanley Cup cards for a while now just like this, it's a great idea for a mini collection. Definitely check out Mark Messier's '94-95 Parkhurst card (or even better they Rink Collection parallel if you can find one)!

  2. I can't say that it's something I focus on, but I do passively collect Blackhawks cards that picture the Cup on them. I just wish when I saw it a couple of weeks ago, I could have held it up and gotten THAT picture!

    -kin (

  3. I've got the insert with the Beiber holding the cup from a few years ago. Haven't run across many tweener girls who collect...

  4. Don't apologize. Lot of hockey fans here. One thing about the Cup cards, they're not your run of the mill photos. And to paraphrase the great Eddie Olczyk, it always nice to see some happy humans.