Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Quartet of Venezuelans

Making a serious dent in my 1964 Venezuelan Topps Set, one card at a time!
Joe Gaines is technically a high number for this set, which goes to Topps Card # 370 from the 1964 set. But in terms of scarcity, I don't know that it is any more difficult to find than any other card in the set.
1959 Topps All-Star Rookie Jim O'Toole!
This was obviously my favorite of the batch- Such a fun card.
Here are all the backs, very respectable given how rough these can get - lost a little info on the Jim O'Toole card, but for the most part these 4 stayed intact!

I'm up to 117 cards in the set, I'll be starting to put these in a binder soon, then we can see about getting some completed pages.


  1. great progress! What made you choose the Venezuelan set anyway? What a challenge but you're knocking 'em off your wantlist!

    1. I was at a card show and a vintage card vendor had a nearly complete Twins team set from 1964 Venezuelan Topps. He sold them to me for a really great price, and that go me started. I was going to just go for the Twins, but I found a different lot on eBay and then another chunk of cards at the National Card convention in 2015... So I was committed to working on the set - I'm still not sure that I will ever finish it as there are multiple Mickey Mantle cards, and several Hall of Famers that go for premium prices in any condition.

  2. I just read about a kid that has made over 10k from recycling various items. There's your path to the Mantles!