Wednesday, February 1, 2017

First Impressions - 2017 Topps Series 1

This will be a pic heavy post. Johnny Cueto - the first card pulled from the first pack of 2017 for me! Not sure what compelled me to sleeve this card and put it in a card holder, but the first card each year is kind of like a "reverse wallet card" to me...
There are a TON of horizontal cards in Series 1 - I haven't decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing. It would be crazy if Topps went all Horizontal again, this year has plenty of examples.
The backs - Colorful! Vibrant! Not everyone has an instagram, and that's OK. Beltre's instagram would probably be awesome, but I guess we'll never know. The mystery just makes it better in our imaginations.
Marcel Ozuna for a control, Base card. The parallels have the series listed in a reflective faux foil just underneath the name plate - probably makes finding those refractors a little easier?  
Whole lotta inserts. Did you know that Topps released a set in 1987? Don't feel bad if you forgot, I think they only had a few in last year's set. (Snark aside, I do like the rainbow "Future Stars" so much better than the current version). This is a 100 card subset.
Hey Remember These? I guess they didn't want to do another reprint of Jackie's Rookie card? Maybe there's several different ones, but Jackie had the only non-rookie reprint.
"Fielding Award" - did Topps forget to pay Rawlings for the rights to the Gold Glove name?
First pitch is back! These are nice, I hope they made one for Kevin Garnett at last year's Twins Opening Day! Oh, they didn't? What about a different one from Minnesota? Oh, none. But 7 different Cubs? OK.
Rookie Cups are back too! These are the right scale for this design, good job Topps!
Let's Promote Bowman!!!

This is two different insert sets - a 100 card insert set called "Topps Salute" - and another set for Jackie Robinson Day. Seems like a lot... 

One more insert set - 5 Tool players. Is Rizzo a 5- Tool Guy? He stole 3 bases in 2016 . . . Oh well, It's a cool card either way.
Gotta Share the Twins.
They have some great photos for Twins this year, so that's a nice consolation for them being a terrible team the last 4 years.

To close it out here are some of the favorites from the cards I pulled.

I think that percentage wise, it feels like there are more good / interesting / fun photo selections than in the past. The design itself is fine, though I'm not a fan of the player names - they all seem like they are the wrong size, either stretched out or scrunched down to fit in the space provided. Really need to stop with the inserts of old cards reprinted, and don't really need the 1987 Topps design in Flagship - just stick it in Archives or something. First Pitch is fun - why don't they do National Anthem singers? Just a thought. I like 2017 Topps, I won't dump them in a garbage can and then throw that can off the bridge.

Happy 2017 everyone, may your packs be filled with all the cards you need!


  1. I was unable to find any of the new Topps cards today. Hoping to find some of them this weekend. I love the two Lindor cards you pulled. Also like the Pujols insert you pulled; he is my number 1 player collection.

    1. One thing I didn't mention above is the collation of the cards - I bought a hanger, some loose packs and a blaster (just to have a small feeding frenzy) and I actually pulled two of the Pujols cards. I am probably keeping the Lindors, but I will check again to see if I had a duplicate of the base card Lindor.

  2. For what you bought, I think you got some great looking cards. I did not have luck in finding the cards today. But then again is because I live in the middle of nowhere with only one Walmart close by. I am hoping to find some this weekend.

  3. From first glance, I definitely prefer the design this year over last year. I'm tempted to look for some blasters but I'm trying to curtail my retail spending. I'm saving up to get some hobby packs next time I hit the card shop.

  4. Not getting the rocker vibe from that Joan Jett card. At least she has the sunglasses.

  5. I don't even collect baseball anymore, but I bought a blaster today. I love the 1987 Topps inserts (that was one of the first two sets that I collected) and plan to put it together for nostalgia sake.

    -Kin (

    1. I am considering it - 100 cards is a lot for an insert set.. I will have to see what these are going for at card shows before I try to build it.

  6. It's depressing to see so many cropped off limbs. On the other hand, I really, really, really like the 5 Tool Players inserts.

    1. They are a little less "extreme close-up" than the last two years, but I agree that they could show more of the play. I always like seeing the context of an image on card.

  7. I pulled the Twins team card. Have that one already? It can find it's way into a PWE if you need it.