Monday, September 4, 2017

Shiny Happy People

The Playoffs are just a month away, most of the card products have now hit the selves. We're right in the thick of gimmick season, so that means Topps Chrome and Donruss Optic.

Target had hanging packs of both Chrome and Optic for the first time in my neighborhood, after weeks of the card aisle being bone dry. Both companies had special retail packs.

For Topps Chrome, there were 3 special pink refractors in the hanging multi-pack.

Donruss offered even one more card, 4 purple refractors in their hanging pack.

The 4 best base cards from Topps. Miffed that Schmipf is rocking the rookie cup here but not on his Series 2 base card. Am I going to have half regular, half chrome in my rookie cup binder? Maybe.

Best 4 base cards from Optic. Gary Sanchez is the least offensive, since you probably wouldn't see any logos on a catcher in full gear anyway. The team colors are closer to being accurate than in years past, so that's an improvement. Donruss still mixes in retired players in their base set.

Regular old refractor - Holliday's base card came in the same pack out of 5 cards.

Regular old "Prizm," Nolan was a unique card in the hanging pack.

My vote for best card in the Optic pack 

And hey look, this big galoot.


  1. Schmipf = sneeze. Funny name. As far as the Galloot goes, his name fits perfectly. Nice pull too!

  2. Gotta wonder why Topps would leave the Rookie Cup off of his regular base card. Maybe it's b/c he's sucked bad earlier in the year and was sent down to the minors. Wait. I wonder why Topps even put him in the Chrome set. Don't worry... I'm a Padres fan. I can say that ;)

    P.S. Congratulations on pulling the Judge!

    1. They did it for all of Series 2- Maeda, Schimpf, Oh, Tommy Joseph... I could get them all via Heritage, but Alex Bregman's card is a Super Short Print.

  3. Panini should just make an all-catcher set one day. No logos, no problem.

    1. At least an insert set like Upper Deck did with "masked marauders" for Collector's Choice.