Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Shiny Happy People II

It was a good round yesterday, and since I hadn't purchased many new cards lately, I figured I would go for round two of Chrome vs. Optic.

There were a couple things new to me since last time, This insert was not in the last in any form. I think the pic might be *gasp* photoshopped.

The retail specific Pink refractors - Johnny Cueto is one of my favorite current players.

And the purple prizms from Optic - I have a confession. There are some players that I collect under the radar. They aren't really advertised by me as player collections, but I will always set them aside and keep them out of the trade pile. Ian Happ was one of last year's top prospects that I added to that category, a "super secret PC" guy.

Javy Baez is another super secret PC guy, don't worry, they aren't all Cubs!

Polanco and Frazier are repeats from the purple parallels earlier in this pack.

besides having the MLB license, the other unique to Topps element are horizontal cards.

Donruss carries on the tradition of Rated Rookies and Diamond Kings.

The two standard prizms/refractors from these packs... 

Another new insert for these packs - Hunter is another super secret PC Guy!

The only "hit" from either day - this Rio Ruiz autograph is numbered to /150.

So, who won the pack wars, Optic or Chrome? Pretend that Optic hasn't been disqualified for not having a license.


  1. Happ and Baez - I might think you're becoming a closet Cubs fan! But, in all seriousness, Baez might be one of the most exciting players to watch in all of baseball right now.

    1. Baez is the most exciting players in baseball, if you ask me. That's coming from a guy who watches Byron Buxton playing home games in center field. Happ was more of a dart throw last off season. Not quite prospecting, since I have no plans to sell.

  2. Pretend that Optic hasn't been disqualified for not having a license? Hmmm... tough call. With that taken out of the equation, I'll give it to Optic since you pulled an on-card autograph out of the product.

    1. I feel like Donruss is very close to being a much more enjoyable product, they just need to think outside the box a little more. The photoshopping makes the players unrecognizable, and too many cards have the same pose. But they generally have better inserts than Topps, and a little more effort on image choice would go a long long way.