Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Twice as nice!

Kevin from The Card Papoy sent this all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.... and then the post office sent it all the way back. This one originally came my way right after my US Postal Service forwarding stopped. So it got a "no such address" marking and made the long trek back for France. Kevin sent it again, and I'm glad he did!
KENNYS! There might not be any 2016 Kennys cards, apart from Minor league issues, so it's always a treat to find a new one.
Kevin sends Twins and junk wax wants and P.C. guys every time! High Five!
He even tossed in a couple Griffeys (he's a secret P.C. of mine... everyone else, it seems, already lists him, so I play coy)! And LOL at the Mattingly T-shirt. I still can't tell if that's a real baseball about to hit his sternum or if that's part of the shirt....

Edited to add a close look at the shirt... Still not sure!
Some great Contraction Survival era Twins!
Hicksie! Buddy, I wish it could have worked out, I'm sure you'll do well in NYC. Diamond has a really cool signature.
HOFers - That's a new to me Kirby, which is getting harder and harder to do!
and finally, Le Biebs. I am tempted to order this album for you Kev. I see it is good in the U.S. and Canada only. 6-8 Weeks for delivery though... We could probably get several trades done in that time.

Thanks as always, Kevin!


  1. took me a second or two, I was trying to find a mattingly card wearing a t-shirt.

    1. Ditto. I thought you were smoking something and not sharing.

      Diamond does have a nice signature.

  2. /searches eBay for Mattingly shirt.