Friday, March 18, 2016

Patches Adam

Another day, Another #Supertrader! Adam from Infield Fly Rule sent over a bubble mailer figuratively bursting at the seams (the mailer was fully intact) with Twins and mini collections!

 There was the huge stack of commemorative patches!
 I looked at this card for a very long time, trying to determine which collection this fit into before I saw that Perez was listed as a "Minnesota Twins (P)itcher" on the bottom. Bonus - if you look close on the bottom right, this technically qualifies as a bat rack card.
 Not quite Jose Bautista level, but here's a nice Puckett bat flip - he tended to flip the bat pretty hard on singles and doubles as he was getting out of the batter's box, not so much on homers.
 Future's bright for these guys - Lots of shades in the mailer.
 Bat Racks!
 Morneau sporting the sweet throwback uni - I hope he lands somewhere soon. He deserves a shot to end on his own terms. With Adam LaRoche retiring yesterday, maybe Chicago would give him a look (though it churns my stomach a little to think of him as a Southsider).
We end with a nice Mike Pagliarulo cameo (at least, I think that's Pags under there) - a pretty cool shot regardless.

Thanks Adam, these were awesome!


  1. Fleer never did a great job with pointing out those new teams. But at least they didn't really airbrush either.

    1. The only thing is that Eduardo Perez never played for the Twins, so I think it is just a fun error card. He did end up with Cincinnati by the end of that year, which is how I remembered him (I used to visit my grandparents in Ohio every summer).

  2. Adam rules when it comes to eyeing player appearances or quirky info. Great trade!