Wednesday, March 2, 2016

San Jose #Supertrader

Super trading is a ton of fun. I recommend it. Yesterday I received a jam packed PWE from Mark of The Chonicles of Fuji fame. Mark managed to get a full page of cards plus another 3rd of a page stuffed into one envelope, very impressive!
The last two years of Heritage were well represented, and of course I am always in awe of traders that create custom cards - very very cool.

 Some 2015 Bowman - Tyler Jay might see some action in the bigs as early as this September, but my guess is a 2017 debut.
 This kind of card is literally the Pinnacle of 90s glamour. Love the starburst/dufex/whatever you want to call it effect. Shane Mack was a great player for the Twins, a big part of the 1991 Championship team.
 Some sweet "vintage" Stadium Club (don't worry, I don't think 1991 is vintage) These are very much appreciated.
I am going to miss Aaron Hicks, I think he's just about ready to break out or bust completely. I will be curious to see how he fares in the Bronx.

Mark, thanks so much for these!

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  1. The photo on that Hicks is exceptional! This is probably my favorite insert set from GQ in the last few years.