Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thinking about a new project

Well, 2016 has been a very busy year so far, I have not kept up on posting as much as I would like... And yet, I am thinking of starting up a secondary blog to cover a complete set.
 Maybe something from the 80's?
 How about the greatest set of all time? I'm sure I wouldn't be the first.
 77 Topps features all the great patches and glasses and hair of the 70s. . .
 Or 71? The first year to embrace the action shot?
 Maybe something simple and direct.
Or the burlap set of 1968, show a little love for an unloved vintage set..

I am open to suggestions!

I have two more #supertrader posts to come, and I know John Miller sent me a package (I just have to get it from my old place). Stay tuned for more!


  1. I would vote on 1971 as it's one of my favorite sets ever, but I think there's already a 1971 blog out there.

  2. 1956, 1977, 1971, and 1968 have been done. '81 and '58 don't have blogs that cover every card. I vote for '58

  3. I vote for a bat rack blog. All bat racks all the time.

  4. Night Owl does a great 71 blog. I vote for 56

  5. It doesn't matter if the set has been done before. Its the writing that counts, the rest is just pretty pictures. LOL. I vote for the 68.

  6. There are at least two people who cover the 1956 set... but since it's my favorite of all-time, I'd have no problem with seeing it covered by a third. Regardless of which set you choose, I'm sure you're gonna have a blast learning new facts from this project. Go with whatever set would give you the most enjoyment... because the more you enjoy it... the more we'll enjoy your posts.

  7. you can't go wrong with mustaches. You can even call it the great mustache project

  8. Ashby, Astro - love this card! devgav's bat rack idea gets my vote.