Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Transatlantic Triple Break 2011 Topps Lineage

Wow, this was a really fun break. Topps Lineage packs had at least one insert in every pack! The box had two autographs and one relic guaranteed!

The first pack had these cards:

 Paul O'Neill there was a refractor of some kind.
 The other Twins I pulled...
 Some of the inserts I pulled...
 These are minis! The Relic was also in the mini 1975 variety, and is on its way to France.
 More inserts! Bummer that one of the autos was a redemption that expired a year and a half ago. I will reverse break the current eBay value ($20) and get myself something nice from the lineage set.
I was also the lucky winner of this uh, signature? I'm not sure there are any letters on that sticker. But still one of the most fun box breaks I've ever done. every pack had a surprise in it!


  1. Not sure who has the NL Central in your crazy box break shenanigans, but if any of the following ever get pulled let me know:
    2011 Topps Lineage:
    1975 mini parallels: 33, 103
    Topps Giants (box toppers): TG7 (Votto)
    1975 Mini relics: 75R-JBE (Johnny Bench), 75R-TP (Tony Perez)

    For what it is worth, I agree that Lineage is a lot of fun to break!

    1. Those went to West Virginia, I don't think any from your list were in there.

  2. Lineage is one of the better offshoot products that Topps has done in recent years. Too bad it only lasted one year.

    1. All I can think is that it undersold - it's a really nice set.

    2. I really enjoyed the Lineage set and was bummed when it wasn't brought back. The backs were a little boring, but I liked the mix of current players with retired stars. Also, inserts! Like you said, each pack had something cool in it!

  3. The Cutch auto from Lineage is a redemption too. If you would have pulled that I think I would have cried.

    Overall that was a great break. We seem to be turning the corner after our cold streak.

    1. Yeah, I think this was a pretty good break overall!