Monday, June 10, 2019

A Killer Card Show

Normally I save the best for last with my card show posts. This time, I couldn't wait! I haven't posted in over a week (this card show was last Saturday), and I figured I could earn back some eyeballs by leading with a big one.

Not only is the Killebrew card a Hall of Fame player from my future favorite team, but it is a high number card in a set I've been working on for over a year. This card is sharp! I've looked at several versions of this one in the last year, this one is probably the nicest one I've found in my price range.

There was also a great new dime box this time around - in addition to gems like the Parrot's Photobomb, this box had something I don't normally see at the show.

Lots of Catchers!

Plenty of cards from the late 70s and early 80s - I'll probably discover that I already had these, but at a dime apiece I wasn't too worried about doubles.

And horizontal heroes? You bet.

The oldest cards in the box were from 1976, but the cards from 1978 and later were all very sharp.

Of course there was more recent stuff, too. All told, I spent a whopping $8 to pull my favorites.

I'm still finding some fun stuff in the Basketball and and Hockey world, including this OPC insert commemorating Gordie Howe's 700th Goal.

Discounted Don Drysdale? Don't mind if I do! 

Picked up 2 more '59 All-Stars, and 2 more Yankees, which are tough to find cheaply.

Last but not least, I leave you with another 1959 Hall of Famer. This Hank Aaron card highlights the Homer he hit in the 1957 World Series that shifted the momentum into Milwaukee's favor.


  1. Lots of great cards, especially the vintage.

  2. What a great card show haul! I went to a card show last weekend and there wasn't much vintage, looks like yours had quite a bit more. I walked out with a few 1957 commons I needed and a nice 57 Mays PSA3 but was disappointed there wasn't more.

    1. I am very lucky, there are 5 vendors at the monthly show that do exclusively 79 and older, and there are usually a few more that will have some vintage to look at as well.

  3. That Killebrew is really, really, nice! I like your two basketball finds as well, the '75 Thurmond has always been an odd one to me, if only because it seems to be showcasing Kareem more than Nate, he who's card it is.

    1. Yeah, there is no way Thurmond is even close to blocking that sky hook from Kareem.

  4. Killebrew, Drysdale, Aaron, Howe, Thurmond, and Gilmore. That's a solid vintage haul. Also like the Shooty Babitt rookie card!

  5. Nice finds! That Killebrew is on my dream want list right now, I'm hoping I stumble upon an extremely well-loved copy at a show sometime in the near future.