Sunday, December 3, 2017

Julie's Extra Bases Hit!

Julie of A Cracked Bat was greatly missed during her blogging hiatus and it was a very welcome sight to see her posting again. One of the great things about Julie is her boundless generosity as a trading partner, and this most recent trade was no exception!

The 90's were something else, folks. Fleer made these bookmark sized TALL cards called Extra Bases for just one season, releasing them in 1994. Several Twins remained on the roster from their 1991 World Series victory.

Here's a couple more, and the back of that Puckett insert. Both Pucketts are new to me, as I missed out on Extra Bases the first time around, and haven't had the opportunity to pick any up in the wild.

As if that was not enough on its own, Julie included stacks and stacks of Twins from all over the years. I was pretty excited about the Topps Fire cards as I had finally exhibited a little willpower and resisted buying packs of the stuff at Target.

Joe! I think Twins fans are not going to fully appreciate Mauer until he's gone, which is a shame. He gets so much criticism for his contract, though I can't think of what Twins Fans would have done had he left Minnesota to play for someone else.

Rookies more your style? Julie has you covered there as well!

Parallels? You betcha! (That's Minnesotan for "Yes")

A Pair of Plouffe/Pinto Pint-sized Parallels! Perfect!

Framed Mini Relics? Oh Yeah.

Stadium Club signature? Sure.

Why not make it two? Park has decided to return his former team in Korea, rather than take another shot at the MLB roster in Minnesota in 2018. He was a two time league MVP and averaged 40 plus homers in Korea, but a combination of injury and adjusting to big league velocity and movement were tough to overcome. Park gave the Twins some mammoth homers, I wish him the best in 2018.

Julie, thanks so much for the trade, I was taken aback by all that you included, I look forward to returning the favor again!


  1. Awesome haul! I hope Trevor May will make it back next year and in big ways.

    Nice cards.

  2. Whether blogging or trading, Julie's one of the best. Fantastic haul there -- and somehow I never got the idea to use those Extra Bases cards as bookmarks until now.

  3. That Fire card of Buxton is pretty damn cool.

  4. Extra Bases may be difficult to store but the full bleed photos are nice on the over-sized cardstock. I'm happy you're happy with them! I'd been saving cards for you for quite some time.