Sunday, September 4, 2016

Saturday is Card Show Day .... For Now

I got some bad news last weekend - the card shop that hosts the small card show in the Twin Cities is closing its doors at the end of September. I've been really spoiled in recent years by having access to this show and shop, and both will be gone by October. I decided to really take my time this trip, visited every vendor, and picked up some fun stuff. I'll be back in two weeks for their final show.

 Kirby has had several new cards again, thanks to an agreement with Panini and his estate - this is one of the better looking releases.
 "Hello Rickey? It's me, Rickey. I'm just leaving Rickey a message to let Rickey know that Rickey is still the Greatest. Also, pick up the dry cleaning."
 These are all from 2002 Topps Traded - San Fran was Kenny Lofton's first post-Cleveland stop. Todd Zeile is a Gold Variation, numbered to 2002.
 Digging through all of the dime/quarter/half dollar boxes yielded a wide range of cards from all over the map.
 Inserts and oddballs were in full force.
The single biggest expense was this Byung-ho Park card - I hope I am buying low! He had a wrist issue in his first year that ultimately required season-ending surgery, but the power is real. If he can put it all together, I think he can battle with Sano and Dozier for the team lead in homers in 2017.


  1. Always sad to hear about a card shop closing. Nice finds, I like that Rijo card. I had no clue he had any cards post 1995.

  2. One door closes, another one opens up. Of course not physically, now you will find the most amazing card shows to be seen.