Friday, November 6, 2015

Transatlantic Triple Break: 2010 Bowman Chrome

 I'll be honest, I was hoping for a Kennys Vargas parallel in this box. Didn't think I would get one, but that was the hope. No Vargas card, but the third Transatlantic Triple Box Triple Break was a success!
 Check it out:
 Some key rookies that made a splash in the 2015 season (and post season)
 A couple more rookies, including poster boy Stephen Strasburg.
 This Gold Refractor is numbered to just 50!
 This subset has 100 cards, all numbered to /999.
 Some unnumbered refractors...
The hit! And the base card version. This /500 refractor Auto of Gary Sanchez is on the way across the sea as we speak.

It was a lot of fun to break these three boxes, and I was rooting for Kevin and Matt to get some good stuff the whole time. I think we did pretty good!


  1. Ooh!!!! Nice Slamchez, I'm jealous! Wanna trade ;)?

    1. I would love to trade it, but it is already on its way to France, maybe Kevin will toss back to this side of the ocean?

  2. It is amazing how far Josh Donaldson has come. He is so freaking good now.