Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Transatlantic Triple Break! Walkin' The Plank

The Transatlantic Triple Break Begins! Bob Walk The Plank busted a box of 2014 Panini Classics. Between myself, Matt, and Kevin of The Card Papoy, we each get two divisions. I received cards from the AL Central (Featuring my hometown Twins) and the NL East. Let us look to the East first . . .
 Giancarlo is featured prominently in the box, I ended up getting four different Stanton cards. I really like the "Legendary Lumberjacks" insert set.
 Ol Satch! Paige is featured as a Kansas City Monarch, which I am guessing is coming my way since the current KC team, the World Champion Royals, are in the AL Central. He's a PC guy of mine, so I'm very happy to have this card!
 In the AL Central portion there's plenty of star power, too. Jose Abreu and Miguel Cabrera are featured prominently.
And now, the hits...
A Giancarlo Relic! Numbered to 99.
Also, a Danny Santana Autograph! Nice to get a Twins player in the box.

Now, the way this Triple Break works is each one of us buys a box (or boxes) and then adds in some trade goodies. No money is exchanged, but we all get awesome cards. Here are the trade items that came my way from Matt:
 Now we're talking! Byron Buxton.
 Miguel Sano! If the packs of Prizm I got had either of these guys, I would have flipped out. Too Cool.
Two Time World Series Champion Kent Hrbek. Giant Slayer. Women want him. Men want to be him.

Awesome! This is going to be a great Break!


  1. They arrived! I'll have to post what I got this week as well.

    The cool thing about the Buxton and Sano autos is that I pulled each of them. I've been holding onto them for you for quite sometime. Seemed like a good welcome to the club present.

    1. It certainly was!
      I have to package up the goods from my boxes but they should be out the door on Wednesday (waiting for a couple items to arrive in the mail).
      Thanks again for letting me tag along with you two!

  2. It's a logo-less bonanza ! SOme nice cards in there, gives me a sneak peak as to what to expect when I get my end of the break ! This is fuuuuuuuuun

  3. Love that Satchell, Hrbek... not so much. Very cool looking forward to what else you guys pull

  4. Congrats on the Twins auto! Home Run Heroes have a Coca-Cola look which I find quite appealing.