Thursday, November 5, 2015

Transatlantic Triple Break: 2013 Topps Mini!

 Box #2 in the Transatlantic Triple Box Triple Break! 2013 Topps Mini-Cards
 so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute.
 The main insert was Chasing History.
 There were six of those!
Gold! I had AL Central and NL West, Matt had AL East and AL West, Kevin had NL East and NL Central. They busted a box of this before, so I switched up the divisions to give them some new cards to look at.
 Big hit!
 Since Jedd is from Matt's home town, this /25 parallel is walking the plank to West Virginia!
Matt is also the lucky winner of the box auto! Hellickson is one of several promising young Rays starters.

One more box to go from me! You can check it out tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for that Gyorko!

    Hellickson is actually a Diamondback now. He got traded at the beginning of last year for a couple of minor leaguers.

  2. Autographs are super hard to pull from this product, so congrats on landing one of them!