Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Transatlantic Triple Break: 2006 Upper Deck Future Stars

My contribution to the Transatlantic Triple Break was to provide three smaller dollar boxes for a triple box triple break!
 First up is 2006 Upper Deck Future Stars - 5 Autos per box!
 Here's the first pack - this was a window into the collation - lots of doubles. Each pack had one World Baseball Classic card. The box had no Pirates! What?
 Parallels of /1799
Some more of the WBC cards - I think these are pretty cool.

And finally, those 5 signatures we were promised:
Ryan Rupe, Nelson Cruz (!), Jeremy Accardo, Alay Soler, and . . . . Huh? Oh, Man, it's a redemption. Insult added to injury, the redemption is of Martin Prado, who apparently didn't sign for Upper Deck.

That's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. I've added a stack of trade goodies to each package for Matt and Kevin as insurance in case they got skunked by a box, and also because I haven't sent much out recently...


  1. Redemptions are the worst case scenario in those old boxes. At least it wasn't something like Mickey Mantle....

    1. I think this was the best case scenario for a redemption since it wouldn't have mattered in 2006, either, as Prado didn't sign. If it was Mantle or Killebrew my head may have exploded.

  2. I remember when that Dice-K card was a huge thing. Seems like so long ago now.