Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Custom-er is Always Right!

"Hello? Is this Jeremy from Topps Cards That Never Were? Yeah he got your mailer, it was awesome. Thanks for making a sunset card for me, bro!" 

I made a trade with Jeremy based on a claim of a sweet Enny Romero patch card that I put in a Free Stuff Friday post. I knew I could catch the attention Rays fan eventually! He sent over a big stack of Twins, and also included some Edgar Martinez cards and a few 80s needs as well.

The Twins portion of the package really sparkled - a big parallel bonanza! The Rod Carew on the bottom left is numbered to just 1,000 copies.

A boatload of refractor / foil parallels as well. But this was just a sneak peek, an apĂ©ritif before the main course:

As his blog name suggests, he made some awesome custom cards that never were! Tom Kelly's "rookie" Manager Card, and a great All-Star entry as well, to go along with a pair of Minnesota legends in their final seasons. Molitor of course finished his illustrious career as a Twin but was a high school star in Saint Paul, MN as well. Kent Hrbek was and remains a legend in MN, thanks to his prodigious home runs and jolly disposition.

This one made me smile right away, with Tom Kelly hoisting the Commissioner's Trophy for the 2nd time in 5 years. Jeremy, thanks so much for these - I really appreciate the extra mile you went to to make them!


  1. Sweet customs! I can always get behind Sunset Cards That Never Were. (Also, somehow I always forget that Kenny Rogers was on the Twins.)

  2. I like the Gooden and Quis action shots and the Carew.

  3. Jeremy did a great job on these. The 86T Kelly and the Cox/Kelly combo card are my favorites.

  4. Missed opportunity to link to some Replacements with their song "customer" to further the twin cities vibe! 2007 topps chrome blue refractors are the best. Great lot of cards.

  5. Excellent customs work! I forgot too, about Kenny. Nice shot of him.