Thursday, June 21, 2018

LIVING in a Material World

Topps has launched The Living Set, which is an online-only set that in theory will never end. Topps releases 3 cards a week for this set, including both current and retired players.

I held out as long as I could, but there was no way I was passing up on Ichiro. This week has a Bartolo Colon card, but I have to be honest and say that it looks rushed. That one is the first card in the set that isn't a headshot - the Colon card is a waist up portrait. The plan for now is to feature all of these on the 1953 design.

Unpopular opinion time. . . I don't like the 1953 design. I have great respect for the skill that went in to making it, but to me it is boring. With the exception of a handful of cards, they all look like the same card to me. There's a lot more diversity in facial hair, hair cuts, and of course a more diverse population of players, so I guess it will be more visually interesting in The Living Set. But I think they should be willing to break from the headshot only pose more often. I also hope they just change the design periodically (maybe once a year?), because I can't imagine wanting to look at this same design forever.

I ended up getting the whole 3 card set from Ichiro week. The 2nd card is the White Sox Yoan Moncada. I think he's going to be a fantastic player, but I probably will be sending this one to Jeff at 2x3 Heroes as soon as I can get organized enough to send out cards to folks. I've got lots of haphazard boxes with trade bait in them, I think things are finally calming down so I can get some work done. 

The third card was a Twin, so that made the decision easy to get all three. Berrios has been hot and cold this season, all a part of his maturation and development as a big league pitcher. He's one of my favorite Twins and I hope he's going to be leading the rotation for years to come.

I will say that the cards are really nice in hand - they are printed on a vintage style stock, much better than the recent Topps Archives set that used the '53 design. The choice to buy or not buy will rest almost entirely on the player selection. I will more than likely collect the Twins, and will make special trips for players I really like to collect.

Anyone else take the plunge on these yet?


  1. I have bought both of the 3-packs that featured Cubs so far and will probably continue to do so, but I have been sold on the on demand stuff from the beginning. I agree that the card stock quality is good and the price point is better than Topps Now. Its also not overwhelming like Topps Now can get if your team goes on a hot streak or you are trying to collect the whole set.

    It'll be interesting to see how skewed this set is after the first couple of months. Several teams were already doubled (even tripled) up before the last team (Rangers) were repped this week.

  2. "...Jeff at 2x3 Heroes as soon as I can get organized enough to send out cards to folks"

    a) thanks
    b) yeah - maybe I could return package you some day with this frigging stack of Twinkies.

  3. How dare you insult '53 Topps ;)

    I've picked up two of the three Bravos that were featured. Missed out on the Markakis and now he's bonkers expensive cause he was from the very first wave.

  4. I bought the Ichiro on its own (though it hasn't arrived yet...). I told myself I wasn't going to indulge Living Set, but who among us can resist Ichiro? (May have to bite the bullet on the Bartolo as well).

  5. Not yet. Maybe two decades from now... I'll luck out and find the Ichiro sitting in a bin at the flea market.