Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Getting Rolling on Those Goals

This will be a quick and dirty post - I received a lot of 1964 Venezuelan Topps when I got home...
Not my best photography work, but there are the 14 new cards for my set!

And the Backs - very little glue, so I'm very happy. There were also 9 more cards in the lot that are doubles, and look like upgrades, all in all a very nice find!

I think the best addition is the Series 5 checklist, which is marked up, but nearly the last card of the set and otherwise in great shape.


  1. Wow, those are cool! I need an Osteen like that. This was a dealer purchase?

    1. It was on eBay, my guess is a private collection as there weren't many other things for sale from the seller.

  2. Yowzah. That's a mighty cool set you're building. Best of luck!