Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dollar Store Dandies

 Ah, the dollar store. When in Rome, buy 20 card repacks. Darin Erstad in an Astros uni? Whaaaaat?
 The oldest card in the packs - Steve Comer, who is from Minnesota (and pitched for the Gophers in College). Great pull quote from Peter Gammons: "A film crew could outrun Steve Comer's fastball." A fun biography HERE written by Nat Shepard.
 The most recent card - this 2014 Bowman Chrome card of Matt McPhearson. The outfielder stole 30 bases in 56 games in Missoula, Montana this past year, still in the Diamondbacks system. He was a 4th round pick in 2013 out of a Baltimore area high school.
 Some 80's junk new to my collection.
 Some 90's Junk new to my collection.
 That's a really nice card.
This one too. I can't articulate why the current year feels so bleh in comparison. It has to be due to them dropping the " 's "

Anyway, just a fun little diversion of repacks from the dollar store.


  1. Ramirez is just pondering the future of hitting into 2000 double plays with the Pirates in his sunset season.

    1. Sounds like Trevor Plouffe in his High Noon season. He's slower than a Jamie Moyer fastball! Plouffe and Ramirez might lose to the Molina brothers in a relay race...

    2. Plouffe is one of my favorite names ever