Thursday, November 15, 2018

A Canadian Trading Post

I received a surprise e-mail from a reader of the blog / member of Trading Card Database - Karsal

I really have to get caught up on my Trading Card Database entries, I probably have a couple thousand Twins that need to be cataloged, and then I really need to get some more of my collection listed so I can get organized for once!

It was a very familiar opening, I have some cards from your want list, do you want to trade? Yes, indeed! We agreed to a blind trade, and Here are some of the cards that arrived this week.

The Vizquel card is great because he's wearing Jackie Robinson's number. Terry Steinbach (A MN product!) doing an updated version of the great 1973 Johnny Bench card. Mike Brown fits the sunglasses mini collection, Dan Graham is part of the bat rack collection, and Luis Polonia was just a fun photo.

There were also some recent Twins thrown in for good measure.

This is a 2001 reprint of Puckett's Topps rookie card, I hope Topps will be able to release new Puckett cards again some day, there are plenty of opportunities in Archives to see Puckett in other designs.

Last but not least, Brad Radke was a life-long Twin and a prototypical frontline starter for more than a decade.

Thanks so much for the trade, and I've sent a return package this afternoon!


  1. That's a great blind trade, and a nice Radke relic. I have to get my baseball card collection up on TCDB soon. I started with baseball and now I'm slowly plugging away at football. At this rate, I should be able to make baseball card trades sometime in March.

    1. *i started with basketball, since i have the least amount of cards in that sport