Saturday, January 6, 2018

Winter is Cold.

I have made very few purchases this winter, I've been staying inside. The last few weeks have been especially cold in the Twin Cities. Today the high temp will be around 10 degrees, which is actually an improvement over the last week or so. That also means that my basement, where I keep my scanner / computer, is super cold. I probably would be posting more if I didn't have to bundle up to do it!

I bought a box of the Topps Holiday cards online. The Inciarte and Myers cards are the special Metallic Snowflake variation, which I will say is easy to see in person, but doesn't show up on the scan at all.

Adding the snow made this group of shots more fun, as all the players are looking up to the sky with various degrees of wonderment and terror.

I don't remember this photo from the flagship set - but it was just my memory failing me. It's not a variation or anything, just a cool card.


  1. Oh, man. You're so right about the basement. My card/man room is down there, too. I probably spend too much time down there in the summer, but this time of year I layer up and wear a stocking cap!
    We're supposed to have a heat wave come through P-town this week... I hope you get to enjoy it as well!

  2. Very cool shot of Edwin. Stay warm.

  3. My collection “HQ” is in the basement as well. I have a nifty little heater and a couple of fleece jackets I use and this usually works. Last weekend the the heater was having a hard time keeping up, turned out it was the cold it was the flu.