Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Transatlantic Triple Break Double Play!

Another Transatlantic Triple Break is in the books. Matt of Bob Walk the Plank dug deep to find something we haven't seen very often, a set from 2009 called Upper Deck Signature Stars.

I mean, these guys are all stars (and All-Stars) - at least one of those guys above will stroll into the Hall of Fame. It's a somewhat limited design with all the empty space. There's a nice mix of young up and coming players and established veterans.  

Inserts are fun! My portion of break included the AL East and the NL West, which meant a healthy does of Yankees, Rays, and Giants.

I was the lucky one on this break, getting all three of the box hits! In addition to "current" 2009 major leaguers, Team USA baseball was also a big part of the set.

Manny Machado as a prospect was a pretty nice card to pull in the box.

Even younger was Robbie Ray, who was still a year away from being drafted when this card was made. He was in the trade that sent Doug Fister from Detroit to the Washington Nats, and then in the 3 team deal that netted the Yankees Didi Gregorius from Arizona. Ray had a breakout performance in 2017, making his first All-Star roster.

Matt always includes an extra trade - this time he really outdid himself. This Justin Morneau / Jason Bay dual auto is numbered to 74 - maybe they lost one of the stickers and couldn't make 75?

Another pair of Twins, Jose Berrios is going to be a big part of the Twins' plans in 2018, and Denard Span was a rising star in a great tradition of Twins Center Fielders when he was traded to the Nats for pitching.

A sweet Kevin Garnett rookie. This card is graded a PSA 8 and is still chilling in his protective case... for now.

Last but anything but least, Matt sent me a SHARP Harmon Killebrew rookie card! I did have a literal jaw drop moment when I saw this. I did have a copy of this card from Twinsfest a couple years ago, but this one is a big big upgrade.

Wait - why is this a "Triple Break Double Play?"

Kevin of The Card Papoy also had a card to send me via Matt -

This is what the kids call a "siiiiick patch." Thanks Kevin, and thanks Matt! Another successful Triple Break!


  1. 1969 Nolan Ryan for me, 1955 Killebrew for you...Matt isn't kidding when he's sending vintage ! (I had completely forgotten about that Buxton, thanks for the assist !)

  2. Glad you liked everything. Sorry for the delay in this package. I really struggled with trade bait this time around. Usually I hit pay dirt on a really nice lot, but just couldn't find anything. I figured you had the Killebrew. Maybe you can sell the one that looks the most rough for some other cards.

  3. That 55 Killebrew is awesome!