Saturday, June 24, 2017

Oh Really, Topps?

 See if you can guess what is wrong with this picture.

I'll give you a hint, the same problem is on all of the series 2 cards, specifically Julio Urias, Ryan Schimpf, Tommy Joseph, and Kenta Maeda.

Seager and Sanchez are correct. What are you doing, Topps?

Several years back I had to improvise and use the Heritage set instead of flagship to fill my Topps All-Star Rookie roster\, maybe I can do that again....

What? Why? I'm about to "REDISCOVER" football cards if you keep this up Topps.


  1. That bites! Maybe it'll be on a card they have in Update.......

  2. I must be dense. What's wrong with them? Are they supposed to have the rookie trophies?

    1. Yes, they are supposed to have the trophy. They put the trophies on Series 1, but not on series 2. I wouldn't have purchased any series 2 packs at all had I known.