Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Favorite Marlin

A hero by the name of Scott contacted me via the blog to tell me had some of my 80s and 90s wantlist cards. In return, Scott wanted . . . Marlins! And Rays! 

The Hawk and Sheff were both Marlins I wanted, I was more than happy to send as many Fish as I could over to Scott in return.

The cards he sent my way came from as early as 1981 and as late as 2003. Scott painstakingly assaulted my Junk Wax wantlist, pulling cards from all across the era.

He really dug deep, for instance the Randy Johnson Pinnacle All-Star Salute insert card. It's probably not particularly rare, but when do you ever come across them in the wild?

Greats of the 1990s were in full force, flying through the air with the greatest ease.

Hall of Famers, and Barry Bonds!

Thanks very much for the cards Scott, and I was very happy to find a good home for some Marlins!


  1. Scott sounds like the hero we need right now if he's interested in Marlins and rays cards!

    1. I let him know that he's likely to find more Marlins from the rest of the blogging community.

    2. No kidding! I'm sure he'll have no trouble finding trading partners.

    3. I'm sure I have some Marlins and Rays I could find a home for.. lol

  2. A Marlins AND Rays trader? Has hell frozen over?