Friday, December 9, 2016

... And This is Why I Have Wantlists

I sent a #supertrade over to Cardinals blogger Kerry from Cards on Cards, focusing on wantlist needs- and Kerry came up big with a super return trade of his own.
These were not on my list, but they are my first cards from this set - they all fell into that gap of not collecting in the mid 2000s.
Four more that would have been on my list, if I had gotten far enough into it (I'm still looking at 1997 cards to see what I want to add to my collection).
Then things get really interesting - Kerry assaulted my 80s and 90s junk wax list with some fantastic cardboard gems.
There were too many to scan, but suffice it to say, this was an impressive mailer. I leave you with a near perfect Jim Leyland card, the only thing missing is a lit cigarette dangling from his mouth.

Thanks Kerry!


  1. Nice cards there.. I'm going to be spending a lot of the Christmas holiday trying to get through everything I have and update everything.. I have two weeks.. I might be able to put a tiny dent in it.. lol

  2. It almost looks like A.J. is tagging Torii on those Ultra cards - if if werent for Torii is getting tagged in the back. That Koskie Leaf caught my eye as well, really like that powder blue throwback uni.

    Your 'junk wax' scan is a neat group of cards.. I always like seeing early-mid 80's stuff because it takes me back to my early collecting days. 83 Donruss doesn't get a lot of play but it's one of my faves.