Thursday, November 10, 2016

Putting a Stamp on Another Card Show

I made it out to another card show last weekend, and found this oddball stamp, I was happy to add it to the collection, even though someone licked it and stuck it on a stock piece of cardboard...
This was a stunner, a very nice 1953 Bowman
Also a nifty 1951 Bowman, I am a big fan of the nicknamed players.
Of course the card backs are highlights of the early Bowman sets.
This one was great - an on card auto of a guy giving an autograph.
Two more for the 1969 deckle edge set.
I was starting to get a little peckish, so I picked up some food issues. Kindall is a local kid from Minneapolis.
Last but not least, I have finished the team cards for the 56 Topps set with this Tigers card!

Another productive day at a card show, and I was able to keep the costs down on most of these.


  1. Nicknames are definitely one of the things lacking in today's game.

  2. Very cool. The only graded card I own is that exact same Dave Goltz in a PSA 10. I found it at a card shop in FL.