Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Getting to the Bottom of a Mystery

I was browsing COMC and stumbled upon this Kirby Puckett card - it looked a little off, definitely different from the base card from the 87 Fleer set. Turns out it is a Box Bottom card! Then I wanted to see what else was out there, and I found this gem:
The image is familiar to folks from the recent Stadium Club card, but this was the earlier use of it on cardboard.
No arguments here- Gooden was sensational in 1984.
I targeted a few PC guys and Ted Williams is sporting his Minneapolis Millers uniform. He only had it for one season, but he led the league in Homers and was called up to the Red Sox the following season.
'Ol Satch in his stint as a member of the Saint Louis Browns.
Here's the back of that oddball - much of the selling of baseball cards is once again "through the mails," but websites like COMC make it easy to see the condition of the cards I'm buying.

Had to splurge a little on this one - Minnie Minoso is wearing a White Sox Jersey, but the back of the card says this swatch is from his days in Cleveland. Nice old school wool!


  1. I have a copy of that Gooden as well, and to this day I think it's my absolute favorite box bottom. Nice haul!

  2. Great stuff. That 1985 Donruss box bottom of Gooden is one of my favorite cards from that decade. Never seen the Paige card... but that looks like a pretty cool set.