Sunday, July 24, 2016

A #SuperPWE from A #SuperTrader

 Matty! You'd expect nothing less than a great haul of vintage cards from Mark Hoyle. Here's the rest of that #supertrade!
 Kepler and Plouffe are part of the 2016 Archives set and both are new to me.
 Some 80s/90s Twins stars!
And Timberwolves! Ty Corbin was a 2nd Round journeyman in the league before the Wolves nabbed him in the expansion draft. He became one of the team's leading scorers early on in their history. Before Andrew Bogut, there was Luc Longley. Longley was the first Australian to play in the NBA and was the Starting Center for 3 NBA championships.

Thanks for the cards, Mark!

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