Monday, July 25, 2016

What Was the Latest Big Deal on COMC?

 The Big Deal were these two Kennys Vargas 5x7 cards, each numbered to 10 - I swear I am going to have every single Vargas card #d to ten except the one I've been looking for since early 2015.
 Compared to the size of the base cards...
 Also had the good fortune of finding a couple more Kennyses I needed, both parallels.
 Some Pucketts
 Michael, Mauer, and Molitor...
 I don't limit myself to just Twins, these were just a handful of the other guys I picked up.
I just finished reading a great article on The Big Ticket, and these cards came that same day - it's worth checking out if you like KG, or stories about guys heading into the twilight of long careers.

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