Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Set Building Via Text Message

I wonder if kids in the 50s and 60s had any inkling that people would still seek out these cards in 2018! It must have seemed like a science fiction numbered year, far off in the distance. Certainly, the thought that you could use a computer in your pocket to send a message from MN to NC to talk about which cards you still needed would be magic.

My regular vintage guy has been helping me with the '59 set, albeit from the East Coast. I tell ya, Wes Covington is just a great baseball card guy - I can't say that I've seen a bad card of his.

Billy is pining for New York already - though Cleveland had some big names on that 58 and 59 squad. My vintage vendor friend sent over #400 and #500, too!

Speaking of #500, this transaction was mainly about knocking off some high number needs, or at least making a dent in the list. In total, I added about 40 new cards to the set build, well on my way to 50% completed! I might even finish the set in time to celebrate it's 60th Anniversary! Thanks again to Kurt for putting together this great package for me! Check him out if you go to shows in NC (and beyond)!


  1. That’s a cool question about how we all trade today.

  2. To me--and my brother--Ted Abernathy is memorable as the only good player on the Royals in the 1972 Strat-O-Matic set we had as kids. I didn't realize he went back that far. Turns out that 1972 was his last season; he had a 1.70 ERA in the bullpen in his very last season, at age 39. Heckuva way to cap a career.

  3. Damn. Billy Martin looks so young there.

  4. Just a great set! And you're right...I've never seen a bad Covington either.