Saturday, March 24, 2018

OMG They Waived Kennys -- You Bastards!

It was a foregone conclusion that Kennys Vargas would not be on the Twins' 40 Man Roster after the signing of Logan Morrison. The team just did not have the space on the major league club with Morrison and Joe Mauer playing first base. With no minor league options remaining, the Twins placed Kennys on waivers and he was claimed on Thursday by the Cincinnati Reds.

Signed as an "international" free agent from the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico in 2009, meaning he was the 2nd longest tenured Twin on the Roster after Joe Mauer. Brian Dozier was drafted by the Twins a few months later.

The switch hitting Vargas is one of a kind, and while he is not likely to become the next David Ortiz, I will continue to root for him, regardless of the uniform. Best of luck to Vargas in Cincinnati!


Oh, well then... It's not often that a player is re-claimed that quickly. The dance will continue, however, as the Twins will still need to pass Vargas through waivers again if the want to keep him in the organization but in the minor leagues.

Hey - I am still looking for the 2015 Topps Clear parallel of Vargas. It looks like the card above, but with a back like the card below. It's numbered to just 10 copies, so most of these are probably trapped inside unopened hobby boxes somewhere.

Good to have you back, Kennys, hope you can stick around for a while!


  1. It stinks. I liked Kennys. I really did, but it was only a matter of time because they moved on from him.

    Oh well.

  2. It's so weird how he was claimed by the Reds and then a few days later, was promptly snapped by up by the Twins.

    1. He's going right back on waivers again- The Twins want him in AAA, and the only way to do that is for him to clear waivers without being claimed.
      Fun fact, the scout that signed Kennys in 2009 for the Twins works for the Reds now. Probably unrelated, but an interesting coincidence.

  3. Replies
    1. I concur! It will be interesting to see who tires of placing Kennys on waivers first.

  4. Wonder how a ballplayer feels being tossed around like this, a bit like playing catch.

    1. The only silver lining is that he was able to go home to Puerto Rico and be present for the birth of his child on Thursday. He never made it to Cincinnati's Spring Training facility because the Reds waived him pretty much right away.