Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Regal Triple Break from a Super Trader

Matthew from Bob Walk the Plank recently did a Transatlantic Triple Break of 2016 Diamond Kings. Here's the good stuff that came my way:

 The Artist's Proof cards are numbered to 99
 Speaking of Royal-ty, here's Big Brett and Baby Brett - 2 of the 3 George Brett Cards in the stack
 "Memorable Feats" is a good looking insert.
 Matt always tosses in a couple extra hits - here's a really fancy parallel from 2015 Topps. The Silver Frame is serial numbered to 20.
Wow! A Pair of Hall of Famers! Bert is the Twins' T.V. Analyst, and Paul is the Twins current manager. He's technically on a winning streak, as the Twins have won 2 games in a row for just the 2nd time this season.... Yikes! Both of these are numbered to 25 and feature a pretty slick gold ink autograph.

Thanks as always Matt - another great triple break in the books!


  1. Wow, 2 amazing autos and a silver frame...Matt strikes again ! Blyleven's signature looks nice too

  2. The silver frame came in at the buzzer. It arrived the same day I sent out.