Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gearing up for Twinsfest

I don't that one's got the distance, Dave.
 This weekend is Twinsfest, the annual fundraiser for the Twins Community fund. A Ticket gets you into Target Field, where you can meet players, get autographs, check out card vendors, buy tickets for the upcoming season, take tours of the facility, and more. There's lots of free games for the kids to play, but don't worry - there's just as much or more things to spend money to get.
 I was browsing COMC and decided to add a few things to my cart. I sometimes wish the regular Score Select set was blue, too.
 Lots of Kenny Lofton cards to be found, all ages and points inbetween.
 A cameo by Mr. Eddie Murray.
Why stop at one Kenny when you can have Kennys? Kennyses? I had my eye on that Jackie Robinson Day parallel for quite some time. Was very happy another one popped up at a reasonable price. Sadly, Kennys is not going to be at Twinsfest this year, according to the latest schedule. I am getting worried the Twins are going to cut ties with him before the season is over, especially since the signing of Korean slugger Byung-ho Park. Park was a beast in the KBO, hitting over 100 homers over the last two seasons. He's a DH/1B, at least that's how the Twins will be using him, which means Kennys is a guy without a spot on the depth chart.


  1. Oh, man! Have a great time this weekend at the fest!

  2. Love that basketball Kenny Lofton!

  3. The '95 Score Lofton is one of my favorite cards of his. Hope you have a great time at Twinsfest!

  4. I like the blue Select better than the green 93, and the redish 96. I forget what the 94s look like

  5. Have fun, good luck with the autos. I know the feeling of a team getting rid of your favorite player ALL too well

  6. Looks like fun. Have a great time.. The Redsox had one like this two weeks ago. I forgot all about it. Maybe next year